When Pioneer Wagons Rumbled West (Shadow Mountain, 1997)

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I wrote When Pioneer Wagons Rumbled West from things I learned as a reenactor teaching about Mormon pioneer life. The book came out 150 years after the first Mormon pioneers came into the Salt Lake Valley. It was illustrated by Sherry Meidell.





In 1997, our family was part of a group reenacting pioneer life for participants in the Sesquicentennial wagon train expedition that commemorated the 1847 trek of the Mormon pioneers. Our three children had a great time being “pioneers.” 






We also demonstrated pioneer life in the Soldier Hollow Venue at the 2002 Olympics. It was great fun to take the bus with the athletes every day and to meet people from all over the world.





Here are some resources for more information on Mormon pioneers and their lives, as well as the 1997 reenactment of the pioneers’ journey: